Monday, September 19, 2011

The Experiment - Day 8

It's the start of week 2 of The Experiment where I have to do the assignments that my 10-year-old-daughter Rebecca gives me.

Yesterday's tasks went well, though I didn't get the doodling done until about 9pm. I have to admit, I watched the clock throughout the process, so the minutes dragged. I really wanted to draw something tangible. I came really close to creating a few recognizable things, but I kept it abstract. I don't know why I have such an aversion to doodling. I think I want it to be a more productive endeavor, not just a bunch of lazy lines and forms. So yes, I'm fighting this task - and wouldn't you know it? It's the extra bonus task for today.

And we all ate lunch together outside. But somehow, that wasn't what Rebecca had in mind. I think she pictured me in solitude, taking time to soak in the sky and trees and birds and critters, instead of conversing with her and Beth. After lunch, Rebecca went back into the house, looking a little dejected. I had already planned to stay outside and watch the sky and trees and critters. After sitting and watching for awhile, I got my camera and took a few macro photos. Here's one of them.

I think Rebecca and I are going to have to resolve the issue of expectations regarding the way I interpret and complete her tasks. There have been a few times when I may not have taken the approach she was envisioning. I think that's natural, but Rebecca seems to want to guide me a little more closely.

Rebecca also has expressed the desire to add tasks on the fly, in addition to giving me written tasks in the morning. I have to admit I'm a little wary of this request. I am concerned she might ask me to do something at an inopportune moment and expect me to drop everything and do it because it's part of The Experiment. But I'm willing to give her a little leeway and see how it goes. I've got to remember to trust that Rebecca is not the kind of person who would take advantage of the situation.

Back to yesterday's tasks - I spent a lot of time outside - well, mostly cleaning up the inside of the shed, putting away all the camping gear from Summer music festivals. It felt good to clear out space so I can access tools - now I can work on a project or two! I took frequent breaks, gazing out of the double doors of the workshop and watching the trees sway in the cool pre-Fall breeze. I love the play of light in the shed, especially in the afternoon at this time of year. I also took a few breaks up in the loft of the outbuilding, laying against a pile of sleeping bags and coming close to dozing. To me, there is something so comfortable and secure about being in a loft or up in an attic, close to the ceiling and the raw wood beams. I almost didn't want to come down!

The best part of yesterday was firing up the backyard firepit and sitting in the Adirondack chairs by the glow. Beth and I tippled some single-malt scotch (just a little), and enjoyed Beth's homemade baked apple-walnut dessert by the fireside. I love how gazing into the fire can make me forget that I'm in an urban backyard and transport me into another world!

Here's today's tasks:
  1. Stay off Facebook for 24 hours.'s Talk Like A Pirate Day! And I had just set my Facebook language preferences to display "English-Pirate". (You should try it today - it's a hoot.) So no FB until tomorrow morning - I already miss it, but I think I can handle going without.
  2. Do another craft project. OK, this isn't as brain-wracking as the last time I got this task, because I already know what I want to make! It's a good thing I cleared off those workbenches yesterday!
I'll tell you tomorrow how today went!

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