Monday, September 26, 2011

The Experiment - Day 15

It's hump day for The Experiment where my 10-year-old daughter Rebecca assigns me tasks (for the next 30 days), I must complete.

Hard to believe we're at the halfway point already. All yesterday's tasks were completed.

I walked a mile around the neighborhood with Rebecca. I noted that we were holding hands during our walk and that was a tactile sensation. She expressed that that sensation wasn't what she had in mind - she was looking for more external things. I maintained that our holding hands was an integral part of our walk and that it should count, but she was happier when I noted the acorns crunching under my feet when walking under an oak tree. I watched puffy clouds trace past a royal blue sky, tasted the salt on my lips (it was a warm, humid day), smelled that boggy earth smell near the house where all the bamboo grows, I heard the wind rustling through the trees and the trucks on nearby I-40. I did not see dead people, so I guess I don't have that sixth sense like in the movie.

I had high ambitions for doing something I hadn't done before - or hadn't done in a long time. I wanted to build a screech owl roost or make a candle with fall leaves embedded in it. But the little chores around the house conspired to keep me busy, and next thing I knew, it was almost dinnertime. I defaulted  to Rebecca's suggestion and  picked a few burgundy chrysanthemums and some flame cosmos and put them in a little vase on the dinner table. She had suggested something like that, saying "It can be something easy." Thank goodness Rebecca gave me an easy way to successfully complete this task!

Today's tasks:
  1. Read my current novel "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages" for 30 minutes. Read it outside (front porch counts).
  2. Play a game - either with somebody or by yourself. It cannot be a computer game. The day is already late, so I don't think Monopoly is in order. Maybe Yahtzee?
I'll let you know how I did tomorrow.

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