Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Experiment - Day 16

Sorry I'm so late with this one - it's Day 16 of The Experiment where my 10-year-old daughter Rebecca assigns me tasks I must complete.

I missed one yesterday - dang! I completely forgot to play a game. But as you'll see when you read today's tasks, I get a do-over.

Yesterday I waited until pretty late to read my humorous novel for 30 minutes - and I was mostly outside. I started around 6:30. And I pushed my luck, reading it on the front porch. I could still hear birds and crickets and smell the evening air. But Rebecca called me on it because I had so pushed the envelope. I should have at least gone to the Adirondack chairs in the backyard to read. I was mostly concerned with getting the task completed, not how well I completed the task.

That's a little embarrassing. That makes me want to strengthen my commitment to this Experiment, and approach the tasks with more enthusiasm and resolve. So that's what I will do today.

Today's is what Rebecca calls "Catch-Up Day", a day to reassign some of the tasks that I didn't complete.
  1. Do some more things with "Rebecca The Dream Flipper" (the children's story I wrote). Write more letters to literary agents, etc. I don't know what the "etc." will be. Really, the plan right now is to keep sending query letters to literary agents. I guess I could create an actual dream flipper spatula. That might be kinda fun, though it's nothing I need to do.
  2. Play another game - same deal as yesterday. Except today I'd better do it.
  3. Write in your gratitude journal. I actually have been making entries in my gratitude journal, even when it's not an assigned task! 
  4. Extra: Doodle. Always with the doodling!
I'll tell you tomorrow how I did today - and I'll post my blog entry much earlier!!!

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