Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Experiment - Day 3

It's experiment day 3, and I think I did OK yesterday.

I played my fiddle for 30 minutes, but I did so in spurts, not contiguously. It appears that Rebecca already knows the meaning of the word "contiguously" and is now adding the word "consecutive" to today's tasks. And she's correct to do so - dedicating an uninterrupted slot of time for a task will allow for focus and relaxation, rather approaching tasks in fits and starts.

Yesterday, I also completed the task of finding the image of a flower and treating it like a meditation mandala. I found a couple good flowers, actually. The first was a closeup of a coneflower, and I let myself get lost in its fibonacci spirals. I also found an amazing closeup of a rose by illustrator Eibo-Jeddah  - the center seemed like a velvety, welcoming cave, and I imagined myself Lilliputian-sized, climbing into the cool, dark, sweetness of it and being sheltered from all my worries and cares.

And, I was correct in assuming that the "Believe In Yourself" message was also one of the tasks I need to complete. I think that one will require ongoing dedication.

Onto today!
  1. Eat your lunch outside on a blanket on the grass. Relax. Watch the sky. Eat lunch SLOWLY - no scarfing (dang, that young lady pays closer attention to what I do than I realize!)
  2. Sketch for 20 consecutive minutes. (These days, I use pens and pencils so seldom that when I do, it looks like I'm writing with my non-dominant hand. This will be interesting!)
  3. EXTRA - Play fiddle for 30 consecutive minutes!

I have to admit, I already feel overwhelmed. I have a fair amount of paying work to accomplish today (I am grateful for the work, but it must get done). I also have a band rehearsal mid-afternoon. I'm on a special diet (the GAPS diet), which is most beneficial most days, but this is one of those rough-and-tumble detox days, which is taking a lot out of me. I know, I'm not allowed to whine about the tasks Rebecca gives me. And I know this is an iffy hedge by instead complaining about all the other stuff I must do today.

And I know that the tasks Rebecca has given me will make the day feel more magical and fulfilling - and will relieve some of my stress. Why do I always fret at the anticipation of a to-do list? If Rebecca weren't in school, she would tell me, "Just breathe and get started. It will all work out."

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