Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Experiment - Day 30!

Wow! Is it really the final day of The Experiment? Of course, I'll make one more post after this one to let you know how today's tasks went - as well as offer a general wrap-up of the month. Still, it's hard to believe this is the last task sheet. What will I do with my days without these tasks to complete??

Yesterday's tasks went well - though I didn't tackle the first one until 5pm (create a hand-made Thank-You Card). I wanted to give a card to Rebecca to thank her for all her diligent help with The Experiment. It was fun sneaking out to the workshop and fiddling around with leaves, spray-mount and colored pencils - just like the olden, pre-computer days of graphic design. Luckily, I still have a box of pre-digital tools that I saved. Rebecca was very pleased with the card, and emphasized that I was capable of wonderful things even when a computer is not handy.

I had just settled into bed last night when I remembered that I hadn't done Task #2 - write a poem. I chose to write about trees - more specifically leaves. I felt confined having to work with the ABAB rhyming format. I dashed something off that fit the format and returned to bed. I reworked it a little this morning, but my inner critic is slashing it to pieces, with words like "trite", "hackneyed" and "cutesy", and calling me names like "Henry Bumwad Dumbfellow". What a nasty little cat-caller he is. Maybe I need to write another poem in the format of my choosing - a poem that will be so wondrous that it will silence the critics?

Here's today's tasks:
  1. Meditate - you haven't done this for a long time!
  2. Have 5 conversations without talking about yourself.
  3. Walk the full neighborhood loop. (Of course, she would assign this on a rainy day!)
I'll let you know tomorrow how the last day's tasks went. Since it's the last day, I'd better make sure I do them all, and do them well!

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