Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Experiment - Day 21 part 2

I'm more than 2/3rds of the way through The Experiment where my 10-year-old daughter Rebecca assigns me tasks I must complete.

And only now did I have a revelation about this blog: It might be difficult to follow because each day, I write about the tasks that were assigned the day before. People might want to hear about the tasks and the results all in the same post. Which way is better? Instant gratification or cliffhanger? Please let me know. (For this post, I will stick with the cliffhanger mode.)

I finished the candle I started yesterday. And, I discovered that when you embed things into a candle, they have to be very near the outer surface to be noticeable. The leaves I embedded are barely noticeable - dang! Maybe when the candle is lit, the shadows of the leaves will show up? Still, the candle is a nice golden yellow color and looks great on the candle shelf.

As I mentioned, I daydreamed some yesterday, and for the heck of it, I did more daydreaming today. I mostly thought of the past, though remembered a few situations I haven't thought of in a long time, like the people I hung out with when I was first learning to hang glide. That was a great time of my life. I was coming out of a difficult phase (after selling all my belongings to study in Europe for a year, I had to return to live with my parents until I graduated university - it was a hellish time!). But getting my own digs and finding an outlet like hang gliding was my salvation! I wonder why that time of my life percolated up today?

Before I list today's tasks, I want to say that I was touched that Rebecca apologized for delivering today's tasks late - she had a sleep-over birthday party to attend last night, so I really didn't expect to get the tasks on time, and let her know she had nothing to apologize for. Here's today's tasks:
  1. No Computer For 5 Hours. Oh, man! I was just about to jump back on the computer after not having touched it for a couple hours when I read this. Luckily, I had already been off the computer for 2 hours, so I only have 3 hours to go.
  2. Write 5 things you're grateful for in your gratitude journal today. This wasn't hard. It was a glorious mild Fall day, so I was grateful for that, as well as 
  3. Meditate to sunshine as I did a few days ago to air. Be Creative!
I'll tell you how it went tomorrow. If you would rather see the task and the results in the same post, rather than in this format, let me know!

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