Monday, October 3, 2011

The Experiment - Day 22

It's Day 22 of the Experiment where I must complete the tasks that my 10-year-old daughter Rebecca assigns to me. Three weeks completed!

I finished all of yesterday's tasks. But 5 hours without a computer - on a weekend day? That imp! Since Rebecca was away at a sleepover until midday, I didn't get to my task sheet until around 2pm - and was just about to sit down in front of the computer when I found the task list on my keyboard. I really didn't want to be computer deprived yesterday afternoon! As I mentioned, I had been off the computer for 90 minutes already, so I only had 3 1/2 hours to go - until 5:30 pm. There were a few moments when I instinctively lunged for the computer, only to stop myself and grumble a little.

I wrote 5 things in my gratitude journal. They were: 1) the mild, clear Fall weather, 2) The fact that I still have decent clothes to wear, even though I haven't been able to afford to buy anything beyond underwear and a few thrift store shirts for the last couple years - oops! That's like gratitude and a complaint - probably cancels itself out, 3) Grateful for the chickens and all the eggs - and that our new little Bantam hen is gradually being accepted by the rest of the flock, 4) Grateful for Beth and Rebecca, 5) Grateful that Rebecca is showing such promise in her tennis class, 6) Grateful for the massive music and movie library I have at my disposal - I know this sounds silly, but I was thinking back to the 70s, when we each just had a handful of music albums - and movies had to be viewed in the theatre or at the moment they were broadcast on TV. It really is amazing how much more information we have on demand these days, and finally 7) Grateful to hear a few crickets yet - and the occasional spooky call of a neighborhood screech owl. (Rebecca didn't say I couldn't do more than 5!)

The last task was to meditate with the sun in mind, much like I had done with Air a few days ago. I sat on the steps to the workshop shed, where I mostly faced the sun, (now that the light is changing, the sun was more on my right yesterday afternoon). It was gorgeous outside, windy and warm enough in the sun - my favorite Autumn light. It almost brings back memories of past lives, it feels so familiar. My usual sitting meditations are 25 minutes long. Yesterday, I sat for almost an hour, transfixed by the golden light.

Here's today's tasks:

  1. Take a nice relaxing walk around the loop and enjoy the fresh air. It's fresh and crisp, as this was our first morning in the 30s! It's still clear as a bell outside, so a walk will be glorious.
  2. Play your fiddle for 30 minutes. Challenge yourself and do something you didn't think you could do. Sounds like I need to woodshed the tune "Poplar Bluff"!
  3. Extra: Doodle. At first glance, I thought it she had written "poodle". Maybe I'll doodle a poodle?
I'll let you know how I did on these tasks tomorrow.

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